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Talking & connecting is a basic human need, so why should we allow our online interaction to be seized by companies that (by commercial design) are after personal data? Especially for public services like national/European administration citizens deserve to connect in a way that serves them, instead of data-hungry third parties.

NGI Zero is happy to announce a series of webinars and a workshop organized together with the #ActivityPub-community & #fediverse-devs on April 19, 26 and 29.

Through the webinars and the workshop we aim to showcase to national and European administrations how #ActivityPub and the #fediverse can help institutions retake their online presence.

Co-authors and advocates of #ActivityPub together with #fediverse-devs will engage with representatives of EU-institutions (European Commission, European Data Protection Supervisor, European Parliament) about the possibilities of federation and how the EC can share important news on the fediverse.

If you want to help out or suggest topics, please join #Socialhub ( and join the conversation about the need for federation and interoperability for national and EU-entities to break away from walled social gardens.

This message needs to be heard now, since the need for federation is resonating in EU and EC-circles, for example with the GDPR-watchdog EDPS and questions posed by European members of parliament like (

So join the talk and save the dates! Let us know what your thoughts are on interoperability, federation, how public services should communicate online, ActivityPub, everything :) We are looking forward to these great events and are thankful for all the help of the #ActivityPub-community, from @humanetech @how and many more. Check it out! ->

@NGIZero @humanetech @how thanks for that!

Some random thoughts:

* in Germany there are several Länder with Mastodon accounts, maybe it would be nice to contact them and get feedback/ideas
* AP is the main protocol in the Fediverse but there are others, are you in touch with people from Zot? They would probably have valuable input
* The original page is closed where should we post on SocialHub?

@silmathoron @NGIZero @how

Very nice points, thx! If you have information about these Länder then we can indeed contact them. Would be great if you can help.

I have moved the topic to the Meetup category where everyone has full access. The Policy SIG category was for trust level 2 and up. Thanks for the heads up.

Zot is very interesting with its extensions, and we have Mike McGervin as #SocialHub member and a @zap project subcategory.

@silmathoron @how @zap

Correct, we are also in touch with @mario who develops Hubzilla, which also relies on #Zot (we fund its transition to #zot6). We should indeed engage with these administrations in Germany, thanks for the suggestion.

@NGIZero @humanetech @silmathoron @how

I am only aware of one German state on Mastodon, if with state we mean its data privacy office.

Also der federal responsible person (?) for data privacy is here.

Both may be interested in these webinars on how administrations can connect citizens.

I presume you are mainly thinking of governments setting the right rules, but do you know of any (local) government funding the communication infrastructure for their citizens?

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The chart will eventually be deleted, so if you'd like to keep it, make sure you download a copy.

jon r @yala

@Chartodon You only always give me the last two toots in a thread, the one I sent calling you, and your answer that you are processing.

Let's try this another time. 😢

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