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Apparently Purism enjoys trying out new stuff. Not that I mind, but we've been monitoring their "" services for a few months now. It seems that the software behind this SaaS offer is rather unmaintained.

Their Mastodon fork hasn't seen a commit in almost(?) a year, and their synapse server is stuck on 1.23.1, which has at least 4 known CVEs.

At least their VPN seems to get some updates from time to time.

#purism #libremone

jon r @yala

@sheogorath Good someone is at least taking care, and watching.

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@yala well, it wasn't really intended, but due to our regular checks and reminders to all room members in "Random Talks with Sheo"[1] to upgrade their synapse instances, it turned out that purism is not just old, but really, really old. And doesn't seem to do any updates. So I started digging around the other services.