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What are the calendar / event oriented #ActivityPub projects out there? #fediverse #federation

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Das Konferenzbuch 2018 kann man hier vorbestellen. Wenn genügend Vorbestellungen da sind wird es unter einer Freien Lizenz erscheinen. Du musst dich bis zum 29. Mai entscheiden.

#bub2018 #bitsundbäume

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Falls ihr mal eine bisschen mehr über den Messenger Matrix lesen wollt, hier ist ein wirklich guter Artikel zu dem Thema

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Hmm. Der Dudenverlag leitet alle auf seiner Website nachgeschlagenen Wörter an Facebook - inklusive evtl. vorhandener FB-Cookies, so dass die Anfragen dort personenbezogen ausgewertet werden können.

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It's really surprising to me that there are still no non-profit alternatives to Uber and Lyft.

I would love to see somebody start a non-profit org and make an open source app for ride sharing.

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The Swiss NGO "Digitale Gesellschaft" offers two DNS resolvers with support for DNS-over-TLS/HTTPS:


There is also a configuration guide for hosting your own resolver:

We discuss client-side DNS security in our Home network security series:

#dns #dnssec #dot #doh #infosec #security

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Tilix (the tiling gtk3 terminal emulator) is looking for a new maintainer

@matrix Could you implement redirects to the new site?

The old links to the blog, i.e., are dead now. via @aral

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Warning: If you don't schedule time for maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you.

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We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN. #LibremOne

Our Primary account is now

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any software with open-source client but closed-source server is proprietary
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@purism @Purism While I'm all for decentralisation and moving away from malicious corporate entities, I don't really like how it's made to seem as if every service on is something made by Purism. The technical specifications do say what protocol is being used but not the underlying software and I think that's an underhanded way to go about it.

At least say LibremSocial is Mastodon, LibremTunnel is PIA, LibremMail is any old mail server with tight GPG integration & K-9 Mail from Android, and that LibremFiles and Contacts will, I assume, be Nextcloud.

I really don't like people that come along, take a good open source project, rebrand it, and pass it off as their own. Transparency is a good thing and I don't really see any on the front page of

If you were operating this as a non-profit, that would one thing. It's an entirely different matter to be making money from free software without giving credit where credit is due.

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@douginamug Else let's make something happen at home in

Hey @douginamug where would I find you mostly these days?

I'd like to run into each other another day again.

Would you feel to come to Berlin around may, or Wurzen's still a thing all the time?

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Getting back to the Data Together reading group, they recently released __dates and times for the next reading semester ¹__ and added __readings for "knowledge commons" ²__ for the the first call on April 9.


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After a long debate we decided to hard fork CodiMD and move into an own repository.

We wrote down our vision on CodiMD and search for your ideas and inspiration:

#CodiMD #HackMD #GitHub #fork