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Su #Framacolibri, il forum di #Framasoft, @Sangokuss
ha pubblicato un elenco delle risorse didattiche su #Minetest, l’alternativa libera a #Minecraft: framacolibri.org/t/liste-des-p Per chi vuole conoscere #Minetest, in italiano si possono leggere questi due articoli:
Le potenzialità didattiche di Minetest
nilocram.wordpress.com/2016/09 e
Quando il gioco si fa duro: Framasoft offre una versione educational di Minetest
nilocram.wordpress.com/2016/09 @maupao @peertube @Ca_Gi @steko @wikimediaitalia @paolo

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RT @fusslab@twitter.com

Proud that this year's winners of the #SFSaward are a teacher and a student who contributed to spread the Free and Open Source culture in our schools: Piergiorgio Cemin and Marco Marinello @mmaridev@twitter.com @ProvinciaBZ@twitter.com @lofioramonti@twitter.com @PaolaPisano_Min@twitter.com @alto_adige@twitter.com twitter.com/OpenSourceOrg/stat

🐦🔗: twitter.com/fusslab/status/119

Since it has only two wings it's not a bee but a fly imho

@charly Browser says that occitanie.social certificate is out of date. I can't login from Fedilab anymore, from browser only accepting the "risk". What's happening?

If you are asking about the connector, I call it PS2

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It looks like #Silence SMS application is unmaintained. Latest commit was a years ago[1]. Isuppose it's time to look for an alternative, isn't it? 🤔

[1]: github.com/SilenceIM/Silence

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N'oubliez pas : la semaine prochaine, c'est le vote en séance plénière au Parlement UE sur le règlement de censure antiterroriste.

Utilisez notre page dédiée pour contacter les députés et les avertir du danger de ce texte : par tél., mail ou Twitter.

Nous n'accepterons jamais la censure de masse .


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I was wrong about and : there’s nothing wrong with them (so say we all) // Thanks Aral! I agree with everything exposed here. ar.al/2019/01/11/i-was-wrong-a

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Happy #AdaLovelaceDay! Celebrate the first programmer by reading about some of the amazing women in #freesoftware who we highlighted on International Women's Day: https://u.fsf.org/2c6

@Smeablog @maiadereva
Anno Domini 1212
I can't understand the name :-(